Looking for real examples of Proptech deployments from professionals who take active part in the process of digital transformation of the real estate industry? Short on screen time? Take our podcast for a jogging or listen to it on your way to the office. Learn, stay on top of the game and be inspired!

Podcasts are not as popular in Poland as in the rest of Western Europe and the United States. Our audience needs some time to get used to listening on the go. That’s why we decided to publish our episodes in Polish to lower the entry threshold for our listeners. New technology, new terminology, new areas of interests and the constant rush of our audience will be balanced with easy listening experience. If by any chance you speak Polish jump straight to our Polish podcast page and start listening right now!

Bartosz Dobrowolski hosts professionals who share their experience in the field of innovation creation and deployment, management and digital transformation in the real estate industry.

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